5 Generations Creamery Photo Gallery

The pot of gold for our cows- a winter's worth of feed put up, safe under the tarps, just before the rain that brought this rainbow.
Our much-loved Vickie, mother of creamery owners Merle III and Jody, pausing during sugaring.
This was the first load of 55-gallon barrels of syrup to come home to the farm from the sugar house in 2015, driven by 6th generation Brock.
Great Gram and Gramp Merle, Grandpa Merle Jr, Grandma Vickie, brothers Merle III, Jody, and Jeremy, and Jody's daughters.
6th Generation farmer Mackenzie, daughter of creamery owner Merle III and Jackie Young, when she was two years old, learning the ropes.
Sometimes farming doesn't go as planned, but you gotta roll with the twists and turns and get back up on that high road!
We are so blessed to get to live this life, and we want to share a taste of it with you!
We get a lot of snow up here, but that's what makes the syrup sweet and the snowmobilers happy!
We grow and harvest all our own crops to feed to our animals, so we know it's high quality food!
Creamery owner Emmitt splits his time between the creamery and the farm.
6th generation farmer Brock, son and nephew of creamery owners Merle III and Jody, at age 13, riding his favorite heifer.
Birds Eye View of our Creamery
Sugaring is underway at the farm!
Sugaring is never easy, but we've updated a bit...
Our new creamery under construction
Our favorite rite of spring is firing up the evaporator.
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