Our History


Our family started farming and sugaring in Glover, Vermont 112 years ago. The 6th generation of Young View Farms is currently operating a dairy and maple sugaring business. We have all learned from our elders and tried to improve and grow as the generations move on.


The Farm has grown into a productive dairy, maple, and chicken farm. Eggs harvested from the chickens were delivered on a wagon pulled by horses to the railway in Barton about five miles away every day.


In the winter time, rollers were used to pack the snow down on the roads for traveling, as vehicles were not yet around.


Horse drawn sleds were used to gather the sap from the buckets hung on the maple trees. Deep snow and a lot of buckets made for hard work.


As spring wore on, the going got a little easier as the snow melted.


Equipment came along to help out, but the snow still posed a challenge!


Gram getting a much needed nap! This was when we burned wood and had no reverse osmosis. The boiling shifts were 12 hours or more, for days and days.


Building our new (current) Sugarhouse. With the help of family and neighbors, you can do anything.


Young View Farms starts a new generation starts to move ahead with the pace of ever-growing technology.


It’s always a fun place to be with the whole family! And of course, there’s always a lot of snow.


The glue that keeps us all together and on track.

5 Generations of Vermont Tradition
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